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Dr. Christopher B. Bell, University of North Georgia

Managing Editor

Dr. Ladrica C. Menson-Furr, The University of Memphis


Dr. Artisia Green, William & Mary

Dr. Ellen Bonds, Villanova University

Dr. Patrick Maley, Seton Hall Law

Dr. Mary L. Bogumil, Southern Illinois University

Dr. J. Ken Stuckey, Bentley University

Professor Brenda Anita Flanagan, Davidson College, United States

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Mr. Thom C. Addington, Richard Bland College of William and Mary, United States

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Zhee Huynh, Kutztown University, United States

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Dr. Michael J. Downing, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Dr. David L. Anderson, Butler County Community College, retired

Advisory Board

Ms. Kamili Anderson, Howard University, Retired

Dr. Jackson Robert Bryer, University of Maryland, Professor Emeritus

Dr. Laurence A. Glasco, University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Shondrika Moss-Bouldin, Georgia State University

Dr. Alan Nadel, University of Kentucky

Dr. Christopher Rawson, University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Sandra G. Shannon, Howard University, Professor Emeritus

Dr. Kimmika L. H. Williams-Witherspoon, Temple University